Welcome to the online home of Hammons Products Company, the world’s premier processor and supplier of American Black Walnuts!  Wild, hand-harvested Black Walnuts stand alone in the nut world as a flavorful, nutritional ingredient to some of your favorite baked goods, dishes, and ice cream.

Here you will find everything there is to know about the American Black Walnut.  You will learn how we hand-harvest every year across 15-states, how to use black walnuts in delicious recipes, and how Hammons Products Co. has been a family-owned company for over 60 years.  We locally-source all our wild black walnuts and harvest in a highly sustainable way, making Hammons Products a uniquely green company!


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Our mission: To Lead and Grow the Black Walnut nut industry, Providing Quality nut products and Superior Service, With the Highest Integrity in all we do.